IQOS Iluma Prime Oasis Limited Edition

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Main Features Of IQOS Iluma Prime Oasis

  • This is the newest, most technologically advanced device in the IQOS range. The new IQOS 4th generation features a high-end Swiss design and comes fully equipped with ergonomic features to make it easier and more comfortable to use.

  • The IQOS 4th generation has been completely redesigned and utilizes the latest patented technology without blades to generate a smoke-less, carbon-free tobacco experience that’s far healthier than smoking standard cigarettes.

  • Fully compatible with Terea sticks only, this premium model is designed for occasional smokers looking for all the benefits

  • The revolutionary IQOS 4th generation device is here.

  • Unlike any other IQOS, our new, premium model is designed to be easy to use and clean.

  • No blades means no mess. Simply swap in a fresh Terea stick to enjoy a delicious smoking experience with no cleaning required.


iluma prime oasis


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